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I Am Not That Girl

August 2007

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If Only. . .

It Needs To Be Done

Now that I am in a better frame of mind, I think I need to do a little review of Deathly Hallows, as I finished the book yesterday afternoon.

Hands down amazing. It was really fast paced and exciting and OH SO MANY THINGS happened it was insane. There was a shocking ammount of things that happened that were guessed. Well, maybe more like she had us guessing between two outcomes and it had to be one or the other, so some of us had to be right! I cried three times:

1) Overy Dobby. POOR Dobby! I know people think he's annoying and equate him with Jar Jar Binks *shakes fist at Chamber of Secrets movie* But I always adored him and found his doting over Harry and tearing up over getting christmas presents that consisted of Dudley's gross hand-me-down socks absolutely adorable and I always loved him. The burial killed me.

2) NEVILLE!! Neville, my love, how I adore the. I cried over the letter he got from his grandmother. It made me both so very sad and very happy at the same time, I was so emotional. Because she probably almost never complements her grandson- she seems such a tough love caregiver. AND what could possibly have been a higher complement than to say he's turning into his parents and to keep it up.

3) When Harry walks into the Forbidden Forest with his parents and Lupin and Sirius. I'd skipped ahead to the epologue early on so I knew he wouldn't die (well. . . permanently). But it was so emotional how ready he was to die. Also when he asks his parents to stay with him, and they oblige, that just felt like the most amazing news that could ever exist, it made me so happy.

Ron and Hermione were completely amazing. Ron did make me mad when he left, I never expected him to do that. But I never questioned for a second that he would come back because he is Ron and the Trio cannot function without eachother.

Can I get a WOOP WOOP!!!!!!! for Molly Weasley!? "NOT MY DAUGHTER, BITCH!" Ha. I loved it.

The epologue however, was nausiating. ALBUS SEVERUS?????? I'm sorry but HUBUJAHWHATTHEFUCK????????? I'm sure there are many many (nutters, forgive me) "Snape" (*cough*AlanRickman*cough*) fans who sobbed through all of those memories and cheered and clapped at the poor misunderstood wretch-turned-holy-savior and cried when Harry named his freaking son Severus but really now. Those memories merely turned my complete loathing (to the point where I didn't even give a fuck whether or not he was bad. . actually I didn't want him redeeemed but I hated speculating because I didn't give a fuck) to passing indifference. I actually really didn't like that he was so obsessively in love with Lily. I thought it was cool that they were friends, an interesting twist after our glimps of them in book 5.

All in all, there were a couple things I didn't like, but I'd still give it an A-.


Yea, just a little creepy. But it was, if nothing else, an interesting part of the book. I actually really liked all the memories as a plot point. At least Snape didn't die the valient hero saving Harry *wretches*.


I cried when Fred died and probably didn't really stop until the book was over. I was worried about Harry, and I had a terrible feeling in my stomach as I realized he was about to die w/o even saying any kind of goodbye to anybody, then I looked down at the page number and realized there had to be some way for him to survive. All the Ron/Hermione stuff was amazing, and I LOVED how Harry was like "Is this really the moment?" ahahahaha.

The epilogue was disappointing and a tad cheesy, but I'm looking forward to the encyclopedia that goes into more detail on the characters back-stories and futures.

Overall an amazing book!
:-D I'm surprised I didn't cry for Fred. I think because I wanted that to happen (don't beat me down, I love the twins as much as the next person!). Someone had written an article on mugglenet that predicted it. I thought it was such an interesting concept- literarily, psychologically, emotionally. Fred and George have always been pretty much one character written as two. They were always joined at the hip. I thought it would have been really interesting to explore what that would do to George, not having Fred. I was kind of sad we didn't see a bit more of him afterwords. I did love Percy coming back and him being the one to really grieve. I LOVED that part where Fred is shocked to hear Percy cracking a joke.

I miss you!! we need to keep better in touch.


Yes we do. I have a new phone and haven't programmed all my numbers in. Call me and I'll be able to put yours in. I remember everything but the last 4 digits...