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I Am Not That Girl

August 2007

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"Sure she's got everything"

I Want So Much More Than . . . .

New and a bit alarming
Who'd have ever thought that this could be?
True that he's no Prince Charming
But there's something in him that I simply didn't see

Well, who'd have thought?
Well, bless my soul
Well, who'd have known?
Well, who indeed?
And who'd have guessed they'd come together on their own?
It's so peculiar. Wait and see
We'll wait and see
A few days more
There may be something there that wasn't there before

Yup! If you recognize those lyrics I am working backstage for Beauty and the Beast. I know so far that I will have a detailed costume quickchange.


Up in the city? I actually know someone else who was trying for your job =D
No, not in NYC. Down here in the park.
That is awesome. I had to go back and reread before I remembered you work for Disney now!!! I was like... why is she in Orlando!? Is this a career or a temporary internship or que!?!
Temporary internship. Officially I'm only here until January, but I hope to find another position and stay. *crosses fingers*


I hope things are going well! I like that song. I'll talk to you soon from my new residence...
Fun stuff! LOL Love that song BTW! Even more than I love you! J/K you know I love you! So... love you!
What a great resource!

Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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