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*Collapses* 133 Hours. . . . Is. . . .A. . . .Marathon

133 Hours is the length of time I have been on-duty without any break time. Seriously. If I've done the math right- I had my night off on Wednesday, was officially back on-duty at midnight and then just got off for the first time right now, about 1:20 on Monday. That is because I worked the 'changeover'- the period between sessions.

I'm exhausted.

So my new cabin seems excellent. They are all really nice. Except one girl woke me up at 2 in the morning because she was homesick and couldn't sleep. But she is very sweet.

I practically threw a party when the bipolar nutjob brat left. I think she stole my expensive metalic colored drawing pencils, they are missing anyways- after cleaning the whole cabin they aren't anywhere. So I'm pretty pissed about that.

The last few days of the last session were pretty cool though. Wednesday night I had my LEO (Long Evening Off). I went out with my dad- dinner and a movie. We saw The Devil Wears Prada. Verdict: B+. Pathetically cliched and predictable, but Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep are irristable and make the movie great. It was highly entertaining. I did love the HP joke. NON HP FANS I ASK YOU: Do you get the humor in the hilarious absurdity of Meryl Streep's character asking Anne Hathaway to get the manuscript of the unpublished next HP book for her kids? Is it widely known beyond the HP fandom how secretive and private and protective of spoilers Jo is, and therefore how absolutely assenine and rediculous that request is?

After that I brought back Pizza and soda for my cabin as a cleanest cabin party. There is a context in camp for the cleanest cabin, and if you win you get a pizza party. Now, my cabin didn't win. BUT!!! They got 7s and 8s out of 8s every day, and because the afformentioned demon spawn refused every single day to do her cabin cleanup duties, the other girls would pitch in and do it for her out of desperation because they wanted to win the contest. So I told them, 'even though you guys didn't win it, I know you all did more than your own share and deserve a party anyway.'

Then the last night (thursday) was a game called mission impossible. A game where we wake the kids up in the middle of the night, they have to go get a totem that is marked on a map for them and get to the administrative building. However they cannot get caught by the other staff members patrolling around- they either need to hide or get down on the ground and play dead (the staff will pretend to not see them). That was a lot of fun. Now the Admin building is at the edge of the Main Athletic Feild (referred to as the 'maf'). And it seemed that staff were litterally circleing the maf around us, at one point they did drive right onto the feild and drive a tight circle around us as we played dead. So I made my girls crawl clear across the length of the maf. Not the width, the length. Inch by inch whenever the staff wasn't looking. It was fun playing drill sargeant for my girls and lead them, shout/whispering commands like 'now! go! go! GO!' or 'NOBODY MOVE! They're comming back!' and 'DOWN! I hear someone! FLASHLIGHTS OFF! EVREYONE TURN OFF YOUR FLASHLIGHTS!' So that was fun.

And my time is up.
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