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Sleepless Night

OMG I am exhausted. Last night we did Mission Impossible again. It was not as much fun as second session. The girls insisted on not taking flashlights. I said as a matter of safety we take them, no arguments. They compromised on 3. Our totem was in the Lodge were the youngest girls stay, off though a wooded path beyond the dining hall. No moonlight. It was impossible to see anything. I just follow the little flickers from the three flashlights in front of me. We get our totem and start sprinting back the way we came, but all of the sudden I land fast and hard face down on the ground. I had tripped over a log. Yes a log! That's how dark it was, I couldn't even see a gigantic log right in front of me. I had the wind knocked out of me and scraped my arm and hurt my back from the impact of falling. Thank god my co-counselor was behind me, we were behind all of our girls and I had no breath to speak for a good minute. She called for them to wait as I got up and cought my breath enough to keep going, which was pretty quickly, as I didn't want to slow the group down. But the girls were yards ahead and kept going and I didn't catch up to them for several minutes. They'd ran back down the Navajo path, past the dining hall where they crossed the main road and snuck through the shortcut past the pool, which brings them back to Chickasaw feild and they were waiting for me under a tree in front of the Chick wash house at the edge of the feild, where we meet again the main road that curves around the pool. I was winded until the end! We finally got back to the cabins around 12:30, and to bed around 1.

THEN! Two of my girls asked me to wake them up at 6, to pack, because she's racing in the all camp sailing thing that's all day, and today we all go home after dinner. So I set my alarm, and get up, thinking I'd shake her awake then go back to sleep (the other girls were sleeping in until 7:30). The two girls, and one other were not in their beds!!!!!!!!!! I finally found them in another cabin around 6:40 but by then I was up and couldn't sleep.
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