Maria (stagequeen84) wrote,

Good Lord A Lot Has Happened In The Last Two Days

First, I thought I had posted about being back at camp, apparently not. When opening this this post, I got the pop-up to restore an unposted entry. This is what I apparently typedm but never posted:
What's new? I am back at camp for the summer. I get done a couple days before I head down to FLA (WOOO!!!!!!!!!!). Staff week is almost over, kids come tomorrow. They put me with the Navajos (10/11 year old girls) which is awesome, the age group that I wanted. I am not doing drama. Both a relief and a regret. I know it will be less frustrating doing jewelry and arts and crafts, but, honestly, I miss theater. I wish I was doing something involved with drama. I got my day off on my birthday this session, so that's cool, except I don't really want to do anything for it. *shrugs* I don't know. I just haven't been in a celebratory mood lately. I wanted nothing to do with graduation either.

Ok, not teaching theater, BEST DECISION EVER!!!!! I am so happy with my class schedule right now. Jewelry I've been super creative, loving it. I wasn't very good at teaching friendship bracelets, having never made them before, but it worked ok, I just pimped the idea of thinking outside the box, said they never had to make anything in particular (meaning what is usually expected, not that they can just sit there and do nothing). I made Kara a couple nice pieces because her birthday is this month. Arts and crafts has actually also been more fun than I expected. I thought it would be hard to teach but it hasn't been too bad. Today was AWESOME in particular. The assignment (I didn't make the curriculum, I'm not the head teacher in that class, I just assist, so I show up and ask "what's the plan today?") was to do a photo enlargement- find a magazine photo and redraw it, larger. The kids just stammerred "hummudjaWTF?" I was SO ALL ABOUT THAT it's not even funny. First, I happened across a photo of Jo (as in Rowling, keep up, peoples) in an ad for the Biography channel promoting an episode on her. So I enlarged her maybe 2 inch photo to an 8x10 sheet. The kids were wowed and completely flabberghasted. I said "It's easy! you just draw from observation. Look at where the lines are, and look at the gradients of colors." And I would demonstrate, dictating my observations "Her, mouth is sort of crooked, in a smug smile." "She has a very dark-shaded, defined chin""Her hair fluffs out more on that side" so they could see how I take what I see, and I try to recreate it. And I challanged the kids. One girl picked a picture of a clock. She did it in two seconds. Her clock didn't even have numbers on it, and when I saw that the one in the magazine did, I said point blank, (but nicely) "you're not even trying." I want to submit my drawing to mugglenet's art section. Once I get home and can use the scanner I probably will. One girl asked if I considered becoming an art teacher. Without thinking I said "I have no intentions of teaching." They cornered me in my blunder for being a camp counselor, working with kids anyway. I explained it off as a different atmosphere- more fun.

OK, there is a line for the computers accumilating and I've been on for a while, before people started showing up. I'll be curtious and stop typing now.
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