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I Am Not That Girl

August 2007

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No no it was a FACE and run!

OMIGOD You Guys!

haha I've become obsessed with that song and MUST see the musical (I am talking about the title of my entry, also the title of a song from the broadway musical Legally Blonde).

Let's see, interesting things to report? I took my quote-of-the-day calendar and wrote a countdown on it untill HP. the count today was 14 BABY YEA!!!!!!!!!!! GAH I'm going nuts in anticipation. I was dissapointed, because I was talking about it to the camp director, and I mentioned that I have already (jokingly) demanded my day off on that night so I can get my book at midnight, and that I will happily brag to the campers who do not have their boos, because they are at camp, and can't go to midnight parties. The best they could do is wait for their parents to mail them a copy, in which case the earliest time they'll have it is mail-call (dinner time)on that monday (overnighted from saturday the 21st). He said "do you know how many will have the book sent directly here from amazon? They'll all have it by dinner saturday night." :-( I won't be able to brag.

other than that, nothing too new. Camp is mindnumbingly repetative. Was that even worth posting? leave me love, anything to make me feel connected to the outside world. my cell is dead and my charger I left at home.



I'm really excited for the final book as well. My little sister got this book from Mugglenet that makes all these predictions for the final books and provides tons of evidence, so I read that and I'm super excited to see what happens.

I hope you're enjoying camp!
Yippee skippee! I've been wanting to skim it. OMG 12 DAYS!!