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HARRY POTTER WEEK HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been in such a good mood the last two days. Tuesday night was my night off. I went with some people here at camp to see Order of the Phoenix. OMG Best one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly think it was THE most faithful to the books. I was so excited through the whole movie at how perfect it was. There were whole chunks of dialogue taken verbatem out of the book. THAT made the film for me. I cheered every time that happened. Umbridge was perfect. Holy fuck her laugh was spot on! I was ready to slug her by the end of that trial and I loved it. I was uncontrollably, deleriously excited through the whole movie and the rest of the night and all of yesterday at how much I loved the movie.

Then yesterday, I woke up, and as usual, I reach over for my desk calendar (the little rip-off page-a-day deals) to rip the last day off and read yesterday's quote (it's quote-a-day), and it wasn't there. In it's place was a piece of paper with greek-style writing that says "We've kidnapped your countdown. Now you'll never know when Harry Potter comes out! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! -Voldemort" . . . . ROFLMAO. Now my campers have made a huge game out of who kidnapped my calendar. -----ooooh this just in!!!!! I JUST RIGHT NOW, AS I TYPED THIS found out who took it. My co-counseller took it. FABU. Anyway. Continuing the story- They referred to it as my countdown because about two weeks ago I took a marker and flipped to page july20 and wrote "TONIGHT! HURRAY!!" and on the 21st wrote "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And on the 19th wrote "1" and "2" on the 18th and so forth untill the current day (which was day 14 on the countdown). Then this morning, we got back from breakfast, and July 18th's quote was taped to our cabin door. I'm having so much fun with this, I love pranks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go home tonight HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I requested a 36 hour break, which you only get for working the changeover period between sessions, so I will have to work changeover between 3rd and 4th sessions. WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!! I have relatives from Ecuador coming this weekend. They flew in either yesterday or this morning, I can't remember. I'll see them tonight. We will get our books (my cousin loves HP) friday night, then I will have to be back on camp by lunch on Saturday which means I will have 5 hours to mock the campers because I will have the book and they wont (mail gets distributed right before dinner and the camp director expects we'll see at least 30 packages from Amazon sent straight here).
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