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*Wakes Up Blissfully*


I flew out Tuesday night, arrived in Florida around 11. By the time Kara and I got all 6 of our combined checked suit cases, got a shuttle to the hotel, checked in and settled to bed, it was about 1:30.

First let me tell you about this hotel. They forgot our reservations, and put us in the only room left. A suite! We walk in, and there is a huge living space with sofa and coffee table, small breakfast nook-ish table by the window, an enormous bathroom and second separate sink/bar type station. The bathroom had two doors, one that led to the entrance of the suite, the other that led to the bedroom. I draw back the curtains to see outside, and I find, not a window with a view of Orlando. An enclosed porch/balcony area with another dining table and sofa and huge bay window. It was rediculous.

We woke up wednesday morning at 8 wanting to get to the check-in location by 9. We got there by 10, by the time we dressed and ate breakfast and lugged all our baggage downstairs (two elevator rides were required) and got a shuttle taxi to the place.

It was a super long day. They had us leave our bags out front and sent us in to fill a form. Then they sent us down the street in the apartment complex to fill another form. Then another. Then to get our IDs. And hour and a half later, we were reunited with out things and waiting for a bus to take us to our assigned apartment.

It's really nice. We met one of our roommates, Meg. She seems cool. We had another meeting to go to at 3. That lasted a while. Then we went to Wallmart to buy essentials.

Then we finished unpacking and moving in and crashed.

Then this morning I met our other roommate Joy before she ran out for her meeting.

And that catches us up to the present.
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