August 3rd, 2007

Let all Oz be agreed. . .

Winding Down and Wearing Thin

Last time, on Life At Camp With Maria, we left Maria temporarily and unexpectedly jobless for the weekend, and dreading her cabin situation with her LIT.

Sunday I returned and discovered that they switched Erin into another cabin, because the VC (knowing how difficult to handle this LIT would be) decided to place her in a cabin that had a CIT in addition to the two counselers, as an extra person on hand to help out. I got another LIT who has been pretty good. The new co-Counseler has also been great to work with. Plus, the girls this session have been really good!

Something that has been not so fun has been Village Night Out. Instead of everyone getting a night off like we always do, we all had to take one together. That meant that staff had to cover other cabins in other villages since both counselers are out. Wednesday night I covered my old cabin, Otari. The girls were crazy, there was actually a five minute period where they all dissapeared on me. I was not amused. Then the counselers didn't get back until after 1 (we are supposed to be back by 12). I was exhausted. Then last night was our night out. The camp director was supposed to join us, but at the last minute decided not to. Disgustingly, many people in the village cheered at this news, because that meant they could get as wasted as they wanted. We went on a skipjack boat. It was way too small for all of us, you had to climb over people to walk anywhere. It was fun though. I love boats. THEN the night got really classy let me tell you!!! since the boat ride was over by 9. Everyone decided to go to the beach about 20 minutes away from camp. Of course, every car had made sure of getting at least one person over 21, so that they could pick up "sodas" on the way (this had occured on the way to the boat as well. . . . ). The unders in my car asked the three overs, but I refused. I wouldn't have cared much if they had some, but I wasn't buying it. I refused to be it my fault they got fired. The other two felt the same way. Anyway, the beach was a drag. More than half the staff went skinnydipping in their undewhere, a couple of the guys (boy and girl villages of the same age went out together) stripped to nothing. That WAS amusing because one staff member hid everyone's clothes. grrr. Break is over.