We're Mutants WTF

:-( Why Does Posting Bring Me No Joy Anymore?

Well, I have loads of things to say.

I gradumacated. That's right, I have a college degree. WOOT.

I skipped off to California to see Bri and Nat. Uber great. YEY.

Funny Cali Stories:
1. I kicked ass playing Sorceror's Stone Trivia game. I won both times. . . . . ok, so in all fairness, Bri probably should have won that first game, if I wasn't such a hardcore competative bitch who threw her nasty obscure questions on her could-have-been winning turn. I played fair and won legitimately the second time though! I even protested my first winning question because it was too easy. Nat shocked us by holding her own against Bri and me.

2. We watched shitloads of House. I mean SHITLOADS. Oh yea. . . I never mentioned on LJ before. . . . between Bri, and Kara and Ingrid, I have been converted to the darkside of not-offended-by, to understanding, to almost *egads shudders* LIKING one Dr. Gregory House. I fell in love with a song Hugh Laurie wrote himself, called Mystery. The lyrics are HI-larious. It is my mission to get a copy onto my itunes, even if I have to sound-record it off a youtube clip myself.

3. Got totally hosed and tricked into thinking Nat's friend Martha was driving us 8 hours to San Francisco . . . . yea Bri didn't that was so funny. Understandibly so, they might have carried on a moment or two longer than necessary. Such jokes are only funny when on vacation and sans obligations or cares, it's true. . . . . the last time I had been with Martha she started driving to Vegas. . . . . . that time was NOT a joke, but traffic was awful and we decided against it. *sighs* Martha is awesome and histerical and I love her.

4. Went to the Aquarium and Universal Studios with Bri. um. one word: AWESOMENESS. Former marine-biology major Bri had all kinds of interesting stuff to tell me about the different fish in the aquarium. Did you know the jellyfish has no brain or heart?? HoW dOeS iT lIvE?????? I DON"T KNOW!!!!!! IT'S CRAZY!!!!! She was so cute- at one point she asked me, "am I boring you?" I said "NOT AT ALL!!!! That's why I PICKED the aquarium when we were deciding what to do." which was true. I love animals! I got to see my leafy friend the sea dragon . . . It's mesmorizing. At universal we got to do the new Shreck ride. FUN! good times good times.

arivaderci, toodlioo, and Ciao! 'Cause Mama I'm a big girl now!
Why does my heart cry?

Something Has Changed Within Me

Hm . . . . It's been a seriously long time, hasn't it? I'll try to get back on track. It's felt so strange that I have had no desire to update. I've been reading my Flist. I think I was just bored and fed up with myself, with the mundaneness that has been my life recently. . . . .I'll even throw in a Yey/Ney tally!

Old Business
1. I never mentioned that I got to perform in a small scriptwriting contest readthrough. A bookshop on campus runs a contest every year and the three winning scripts, among other prizes, get their scripts read aloud at the bookstore. It was a really awesome script, I played a woman who has gone crazy, a "post-tramatic psychological fugue" brought on by post-partem depression. The play ends crazy with me thinking that my baby has died (my husband cruelly tells me so). So I commit suicide to rejoin my baby in heaven. The tragically ironic twist ending is that I take what I think is the dead body of my baby into the bathtub to drown with me. I loved it, it was a very fun event and I couldn't have asked for a more meaty fascinating (albeit seriously disturbed) character. This was back in march or april sometime. Definitely cool YEY

2. Tartuffe closed a couple weeks ago. It was fabulous. I miss my actors. bittersweet but amazing YEY

Current Business
1. I am going back to camp this summer. . . . it's yey.

2. Assuming I didn't fail any of my classes . . . .I graduate on Saturday! . . . believe it or not, Ney. Honestly, College has been the best time of my life. I'm really sad to see it end. EDIT: I just moved back home today and cried for several minutes. I'm really going to miss college.

3. I am waiting to hear about the disney internship I applied to. I should hear this week. If I get in, it will be a MEGAOMGHELLYES YEYEYEY!!!!

That is all for today.
"Sure she's got everything"

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Now You're Talking!


So we opened last night!!!! It went really well. The after party celebrations were even better ^__^. All of the stage managers toasted, as is tradition on an opening night. Then everyone (actors, directors, and all) met at a bar and hung out. Which was fun, because Kara, Ingrid and I ordered drinks and an appetiser, and when we asked for the check, the waitress said it was paid for, someone picked up everyone's tab from the program! Then, we went back to Kara's room and broke into the bottle of Malibu rum that my SM gave me as an opening night gift. We played king cup. It was hilarious fun.
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*signs* It's Good To Be Home

I am back in the dorms. It feels great. Rehearsals went really well over spring break, so that made the week actually go really well.

and I must be off yet again to that magical land I call Tartuffe Rehearsals.

Now You're Talking!


So, we had a production meeting just now, and apparently, I do get a run crew person in a way. The character Dorine (a maide, if you don't know the show), will go onstage during intermission and do my scene change. It's not a big change, there is only 1 set, she just has to. . . well tidy up! She puts back chairs that have been moved out of place throughout the first act, and strike 1 or two props. So that will be cool.
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Now You're Talking!

I Feel My Zeal For LJing Is Waning

I am currently on "spring Break" I moved to a relative's house on campus. I am currently in the theater office (where else would I be, these days?). I am looking forward to this afternoon, I get done with rehearsals at 2!!!!!!!! The set builders need the theater to install the set. SO MOnday when we resume rehearsals We'll have the set!!!!!! I can't believe it WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I am actually excited about the set, it's going to be beautiful. I'm excited to start the performances, but also nervous because, the Practicum advisor decided I don't need a run crew. I probably don't but. . . . It's just nervewracking because I'm the only one back there, there's no one to remember the things I forget. Eh, it will be fine. By the time we get there, we will be so rehearsed, it will be disgusting.
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